HTH - Indústria Têxtil Unipessoal, Lda.


HTH was founded in 1994 and its name made a symbol and a compromisse with the future: Hit The Heaven.

The company had its start on the early business activity of its founder partner, Pascoal Carneiro, who always connected to textile area, worked as agent and quality controller for Clients, basicly form North of Europe, decided in this same year upgrade the business and produce garments by his own direction and command besides the agency business.


HTH has a structure with people and technological being able to produce 1 million garments a year, delivering to costumers of all Europe and U.S.A, developing collections and producing garments with high quality and always searching for excellence on the service provided.


Our mission is to achieve the complete dedication to our customers and full fill they're expectations with partnership sense. Being proactive, execute and offer tendences and techniques which can add value on the customers collections.